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Greenville, SC: Woman who lied about being raped by man with MAGA hat sentenced to 10 years jail

A 24-year old woman in Greenville South Carolina who falsely accused a man wearing a MAGA hat of rape has been sentenced to ten years jail for her crime.

Samantha Crovitz claimed that she was walking home from a party on an evening in July last year when she was grabbed by a man in an alley wearing a MAGA hat. The accused man, Robert Jeffrey, denied all wrongdoing and said that the woman had actually asked him for sex.

Mr Jeffrey was charged with rape while an investigation was carried out, and he says he lost his job and his family disowned him. “Despite the fact I was completely innocent, everyone believed her story.”

However, Ms Crovitz’s lie would be revealed after a witness came forward and claimed that they’d heard Ms Crovitz propositioning Mr Jeffrey for sex. “In light of the new evidence, all charges were dropped and the prosecution instead pursued Ms Crovitz for making a false accusation.”

The verdict in Ms Crovitz’s case came back guilty, but the size of the sentence surprised most legal experts. “A ten year term is on the higher end of what we’ve seen in past false rape accusation judgements,” said one lawyer.

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