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Bloomington, IL: Firefighters rescue man after he had his penis stuck in truck stop glory hole for seven hours

Firefighters in Bloomington, Illinois have come to the aid of a man who had his penis stuck in a truck stop glory hole for seven hours.

Darren Clement, 42, says he regularly visits the truck stop restroom to use the glory hole for sexual pleasure. However, on this occasion he told his rescuers that the normal glory hole had been sealed up, and a new, smaller hole was nearby.

“The proprietors of the truck stop were sick of gay men coming and using the glory hole in the men’s room so the blocked the original one up,” said one of the firefighters who responded to Mr Clement’s 911 call. “However a new one was recently made which was a lot smaller than the first.”

Not realizing how much smaller the new hole was, Mr Clements says he had a tough time getting his penis through the gap. “I really had to squeeze it through,” he said. Mr Clements says he was waiting for about thirty minutes and nobody came to the other side of the hole.

“I figured it was just a quiet day so I tried pulling my dick out and I realized it was stuck fast.” It’s believed that the tightness of the hole caused the blood in Mr Clement’s penis to pool around the tip, making it impossible to pull out of the tight hole.

For hours, Mr Clements says he tried everything he could think of to loosen his penis, but without success. “I tried jiggling it, and spitting on it. I even splashed some water on it from the lavatory to try and lube it up but nothing worked.”

Eventually, an embarrassed Mr Clements dialled 911 and firefighters responded to the unusual call. “A few careful blows with a fire axe and we were able to free the gentleman without any injury.”

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