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Kingwood, TX: Husband uses condom filled with frozen poo to kill wife

A 48-year old Kingwood, Texas man has been charged with the murder of his 42-year old wife in a case that has baffled investigators.

Martin Crovitz was under suspicion of murdering his wife Rebecca with a blunt object, but investigators who searched their residence could find no weapon matching the injuries inflicted on her.

“The forensic analysis suggested the victim was bludgeoned to death with a small, blunt object, but nothing found at the property met the profile,” said one investigator.

Mr Crovitz ’s DNA was found all over his dead wife, but authorities were waiting on finding the murder weapon before officially charging him with the crime. “Our case is always a lot stronger if we have all the evidence.”

After intense questioning, Mr Crovitz finally broke down and confessed that he’d killed his wife – and also revealed the most unusual murder weapon ever. “He told us he’d come up with the perfect murder,” said one investigator.

According to Mr Crovitz’s statement, he’d filled up a condom with his own poo, and frozen it until it was hard. He then took it and smacked his wife repeatedly over the back of the head, killing her. “After that, he just had to wait for it to thaw out and flush it away,” said the investigator.

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