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Sioux Falls, SD: White supremacist charged with murder of girlfriend says he was ‘insulted’ after she bought a black sex toy

A 40-year old Sioux Falls, South Dakota white supremacist has been charged with the murder of his 38-year old girlfriend after a fight broke out between the couple after he came home from work and found her using a black dildo.

Christopher Lee Adams has been charged with homicide after the fight ended with his girlfriend Amanda Potter dead. Neighbors who heard the disturbance phoned 911 but by the time responders arrived the victim had already died from her wounds.

Police allege that Adams stabbed Potter several times with a knife before smashing a vase into her face. A shard of glass punctured her eye and became embedded in her brain, killing her instantly.

After being interviewed following his arrest, investigators say Adams admitted the crime and said that he was provoked by returning home from a long day at work and finding his girlfriend masturbating with a ‘large black dildo’.

“It’s like an insult to my beliefs that she would be using a black one,” said Adams, who is white. “It’s like she was purposely saying to me that black c**ks are bigger and better. I got so angry that I pulled it out of her vagina and then she started clawing at my face. I didn’t mean to kill her but I just lost control.”

Members of Potter’s family spoke to the media to share their grief at her passing. As for Adams, they said they hope he gets what he deserves in jail. “He might find that a black dildo is not as bad as the real thing,” said Potter’s father.

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