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Surgery required after Frisco, TX man gets penis stuck inside robot vacuum cleaner

A 27-year old man from Frisco, TX is recovering after surgery was required to remove his penis from inside a robot vacuum cleaner overnight. According to one member of the team who treated him, the incident had occurred after the man attempted to use the device for sexual stimulation.

“We were puzzled as to how the man had managed to get his penis stuck inside the device,” said the doctor. “We asked him about this, but he was evasive at first, probably because he was embarrassed. However, the truth eventually came out.”

The man told the doctor that he’d been masturbating when he saw his robot vacuum cleaner glide past on the floor. “He told us that he had a strange thought that maybe the suction from the device could enhance his masturbation, in that it might feel like a woman giving him oral sex,” said the doctor. “So he said he picked up the robot and began trying to have intercourse with it.”

Unfortunately for the man, the vacuum’s suction aperture was awkwardly shaped, and so once he thrust his penis inside it became stuck. “We believe the robot incorrectly assumed it had a jam, and so it increased the suction drastically to try and clear it,” said the doctor. “The end result was the man’s penis was seriously wounded.”

Doctors were faced with a delicate surgery that first involved carefully disassembling the device around the man’s penis. “This was made somewhat more difficult by the fact that he’d ejaculated into the device,” said the doctor. Once it had been removed, a total of 53 stitches to the man’s penis were required.

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