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La Vernia, TX: Office worker charged after he brought donuts ‘glazed with his own semen’ to boss’s farewell party

A male office worker in La Vernia Texas, faces charges of food tampering after it emerged that he brought donuts ‘glazed with his own semen’ to a farewell party for his boss.

Sources says that Adam Richardson, 37, had worked at the accounting firm for over 12 years and for much of that time was managed by his boss Johnathon Keane. Keane recently announced his retirement and his department organized a farewell party.

It is alleged that Richardson purchased some plain donuts from a local shop and took them home, where investigators believe he mixed his own semen with icing sugar and then used the mixture to glaze the donuts.

Employees at the farewell party who ate the donuts reported something unusual about the flavor, noting that there was a salty aftertaste. After seeing Keane eat a donut and complimenting him on the taste, employees says Richardson burst into uncontrolled laughter.

“We figured then that he’d spiked the donuts with something because there’s a bit of bad blood in the past between the pair,” said one employee, “but we had no idea it was his own semen.”

A concerned employee took a donut to police and requested it be analyzed, and when the results came back positive for semen all employees who had eaten the donuts were sent for STD checks.

Richardson was arrested at his desk and admitted to the crime immediately, saying he wanted to get revenge on his boss and coworkers who he said had tormented him during his 12 years at the firm. If convicted, Richardson faces a lengthy jail sentence.

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